What To Do Before Getting Baptized?

How to get baptized
How to get baptized

If you want to be baptized in the Catholic Church, the first look at baptism is the requirements for parents. We must prepare for it before baptism in order to prevent inconvenience.

Requirements for Parents

1. Parents must be Catholic or at least one of them is Catholic.

2. You need to take part in a baptism seminar in your church. If you want to attend a seminar in another parish, don't forget to ask for a Certificate of Completion.

Once you have completed that requirement, let's move on to another requirement. The requirements for the Godparents.

Requirements for Godparents

Before a person can be baptized, one must be prepared to have Godparents or sponsors who do not go down at least one pair of Godparents and it should be male and female.

Universal Church law regarding baptism, Godparents must meet these criteria.

a.) The Godparents must be Catholic.

b.) The Godparents were baptized and have received Communion.

c.) The Godparents are at least 16 years old.

d.) The Godparents must live by being baptized (means living by the word of God).

If the Sponsor or the Godparents have a spouse, they must be certified to be married. Others argue about choosing a sponsor who should just let them choose a sponsor. But otherwise, we must remember that Catholic Baptism is not private but public, and that it is the official liturgy of the Catholic Church. Thus, before a person is baptized, the Catholic Church is empowered to set criteria for future godparents.

What is being done as a godparent?

After baptism, what is done as a Godparent is to help the parents and the child to live as a Christian. And to be persuasive as an example, the Godparents should live as they teach the child (Christian Life).

Note: Non-Catholics, who do not live as Christians and are not baptized into Catholicism, can not be witnesses of baptism.