Catholic Statues And Their Meanings

Catholic Statues And Their Meanings
Catholic Statues And Their Meanings 

Question: What Really Is the Image and Statue of Catholics?

Catholics are often told why they have statues and pictures in homes and chapels because they are not the true faces of the Lord Jesus.

Images and statues are used for Catholics to remember God.

One of the statue that God commanded to make was the Cherubim.

You shall put the two cherubim of gold on the two ends of it. (Exodus 25:18)

And why did God make two cherubim of gold?

There we will meet at the Throne of Mercy, between two cherubim; there I will give you my law among the Israelites. (Exodus 25:22)

The Cherubim are a sign of where God will meet the leaders of Israel.

In short, the Cherubim are reminded of God.

The images and statues of the Saints are used to make people remember the saints so that they can imitate their obedience and love for God. They are not worshiped.

Just like the statue of the Virgin Mary we see often in chapel. It reminds people to be good mothers to children because a mother's faith will be worthless if she neglects her children.
Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. (1 Timothy 5: 8)
Critics of the Catholic Church often ask about Black Nazarene, the Lord Jesus may not look that way, but why are we laying it on the altar, lifting it and positioning it?

These reminders do not need to look exactly like the memory.

What we are concerned about here is not his appearance but his saving us from
by the Cross. Because this is so important for our Christians,
But God was his love for us when Christ died for us
when we are a sinners. (Romans 5: 8)
When we see a statue of a bloody man, with a crown of thorns, a cross on the head and a sign "INRI" over his head, who do we remember?

Is Judas? Satan? Or The Lord Jesus?

In the Bible, stones were used to commemorate what God has done for mankind.
These stones are to remind the people of Israel of what the Lord has done. In time to come your children should ask what these stones mean. (Joshua 4: 6)
The question is, will the river and the rocks be the same?

The images or statues in the Church are not stained. Even if a Catholic kneels before a picture, it is not here that the kneeling is given or directed but to God he remembers through it.

There is nothing different about having a person take a picture of his or her loved one. There are people who kiss or hug the picture of their loved one. Someone wiped it out. Others are displayed in their offices or in their home.

Are they replacing their loved one with a picture?

We already know the answer to that.

For example, your dad died, and one of the things he used was his cup when he was still alive. If you see the cup, who do you remember with this thing, isn't your dad dead? The question is, does your dad look like a cup?

Quite simply, the images and statues for Catholics are not gods but reminders of the things God has done that Christians should remember and emulate those who are in the picture or in the statues who obey God's will. .