Who Made God If God Made Everything? The Truth Behind!

Who Created God

Who Created God

The most widely recognized inquiries that are asked by the individuals about God is “Who Made God If God Made everything?” While these questions produce an intuition of being a large one it is really a totally invalid question, in any event that we are express to describe God in the Bible. This is basically in light of the fact that if God were made then He would not be God. The Bible represents God as being interminable and without starting or end. We will look at a portion of the sacred writings identifying with this theme to give us a superior thought in the matter of why this regular question is invalid.

In the book of Genesis 21:33 of the bible says: “Abraham placed a tamarisk tree in Beersheba, and there he named upon the name of the LORD, the Eternal God.” The Bible makes it to a great degree clear that God is endless and had no start or end. It in this manner takes after that he doesn’t have a maker however rather has reliably existed. As we quick look at the properties of our universe we can conclude that our universe is not interminable. Our universe had a start or “first cause.” God then again, does not.

God, being endless, likewise does not change. The book of scriptures portrays Him as being “a similar yesterday, today, and forever” in Hebrews 13:8. Our universe, then again, encounters consistent change. Truth be told, we utilize the idea of “time” to clarify changes in matter. God is outside of time and space since He is the maker of it, and in this way, He is not subject to its laws or influences. In 2 Peter 3:8 says: “With the Lord, a day resembles a thousand years, and a thousand years resemble a day.” This is indicating how God is not influenced by time since He is interminable. There is no distinction to God between a day and a thousand years.

Clearly, we as made creatures can not in any way, shape or form comprehend being unceasing. We have a point of view that development or a change continually, God does not. We perform activities contained inside time and space and in addition encounter the progression of time step by step. God, in any case, does not. Then again, in light of the fact that we cannot completely comprehend or experience being everlasting, it doesn’t imply that we cannot comprehend the idea enough to avow that the God who made all things is, in reality, unceasing.

We should again call attention to that we are discussing the God of the Bible. The topic of “Who made God” may maybe have some kind of manner on another alleged “god.” However, when alluding to the one genuine everlasting and self-existent self-managing God of the Bible the question is not legitimate. So whenever somebody poses this question the main thing you have to do is request that they clarify what they are asking by making it clear which god they are discussing. On the event that they are in certainly getting some information about God in the Bible then you have to rush to bring up the mistake of their question. Put basically, if God were made He would not be God.

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