Best Encouraging Graduation Bible Verses For You

Graduation Bible Verses

Are you looking for the encouraging graduation bible verses that fit for you? You have found the right place to encourage your life in your graduation. Studying is a wonderful event a student in which he or she is successful … Continue reading

Bible Verses About Food To Eat And Not To Eat

  There are many verses in the bible talking about spiritual food issue. Some verses are avoided on eating some foods while the other verses say that we can eat all foods. In Old Testament, the bible said that you … Continue reading

What Does The Bible Say About The Cross?

Cross Verses

We know that Jesus Christ was died in the cross and most Christians respect on it because of the redemption he make using the cross. Other religious group don’t want to see the cross because they learn that those hung … Continue reading

What Is The True Sabbath Day Saturday Or Sunday?

Sabbath Day

Most Christians says that Sunday is the Lord’s Day, the day of worship and rest from any work because that is the day that Jesus rose from the dead. Saturday is also considered as the day of religious adoration and … Continue reading