Best Bible Verses For Marriage That You Must Know

Are you ready to get marriage? There are many best marriage verses in the bible that we should recognize. Most people find these verses when they are planning for wedding. But believe me there‚Äôs also lot of people want to … Continue reading

Clarification Of Salvation By Faith And Following The Law

Faith and the Law

Salvation is the most important things we should know in our Spiritual living. Now we will talk about salvation by faith to Jesus Christ. What is the comparison and what is the relationship between faith to Jesus Christ and obeying … Continue reading

How To Be Saved From Sin And Go To Heaven

How To Be Saved

  How To Be Saved As a Christian, we should know how importance of the faith of man for the salvation. The most important for the salvation of man is by having faith because God will considered us as righteous … Continue reading

Who Is Jesus Christ According To The Bible?

Who Is Jesus Christ According To The Bible?

Is Jesus God or son of God? My dearest brothers and sisters now we are going to clarify about the life of Jesus Christ base on the bible. Who is God? Is Jesus Christ God or not? This is the … Continue reading