Best Bible Verses For Marriage That You Must Know

Bible Verses For Marriage

Bible Verses For Marriage

Are you ready to get marriage?

There are many best marriage verses in the bible that we should recognize. Most people find these verses when they are planning for wedding. But believe me there’s also lot of people want to find some curious verses when they are having problems or troubles in their marriage and planning for a Divorce. They are usually seeking a bible verses about divorce and remarriage. So, this page is exactly what you are finding for. I will explain any verses I give on a case by case basis to make it clear and easy to understand to anybody who read this piece of writing.

What does the bible say about marriage?

In the book of Ecclesiastes said that the two is better than alone because their work is rewarding and if one of them will fall there is a chance that the other one can help him up. During cold season they can create heat in their bed easily comparing to somebody staying alone (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10). Did you know that the couple is counted to God as one flesh? You can read it in the book of [Geneses 2:24]; that the man leave his mother and father then he live together with his wife and they counted as one.

Bible Verses About Commitment to Marriage

If ever there is a problem to the couples it has a possibility for getting Divorce. In the book of Matthew Jesus Christ explain that God not permitted us to split the couples (Matthew 19:6).

But, there are some verses shows that Moses permitted a Divorce if there is acceptable reason. Some partners are disobedient and give some emotional abuse to him or her. Jesus Christ explains that Moses permitted a Divorce because some people are naughty, but that was not the Lord want in the beginning (Mateo 19:8).

So, if one of you is unfaithful or making something not acceptable act in a relationship as a couple, or making some emotional abuse, you can give him or her a certificate of Divorce, but you and your wife cannot marriage again to another person because it considered as adultery unless one of you will die. It means you can do a Divorce but the power of your marriage will remain alive. So, if you decide for a divorce then avoid remarriage to another person.

2 Kind of Laws for Marriage you should know

Ceremonial Law: The reason why Moses permitted us for a divorce because he saw some of them are naughty, become a sinner for adultery and some of them making emotional abuse to their partners (Mateo 19:8-9).

Moral Law: God not permitted us for a divorce (Mateo 19:6). That is the reason why the Divorce couples or a separated couple is not permitted to make marriage again to another person. Even though they are getting a certificate for Divorce, the power of their marriage is still alive in the eyes of God and they are committed a sin as adultery when they remarriage to another person. No man can break up what God joined as one (Mark 10:9).

Lesson about Marriage

So, if you are planning to get marriage you should pick wisely on choosing your wife or husband because in spiritual situation, being couples is forever unless your wife or husband will die. Yes, you can do a Divorce in a human law but the power of your marriage will remain until the rest of your life. I hope you attract this lesson on picking forever partner, did you?

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  1. In human law can get a divorce when have an acceptable reason, I agree with that…but the power of marriage no one can separate because you are promise on it to God. 🙂